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Thursday, November 18, 2010


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You're right about comfort zones, Anna. I'd extend that to the people we mix with.

I try to encourage leaders to develop diverse networks. Forge relationships with people who see the world in different ways to you. Seek out people from outside your industry or profession. Go to places where you'll connect with strangers.

That certainly helps me come up with new ideas. It helps spread big ideas. And it helps avoid problems (when we're blinkered or surrounded by people who always say 'yes').

That's one reason why I've stayed connected with you. (We met years ago in your BP days in the UK.)


Jeff Lipschuetz

A agree with you that many leaders are not willing/able to get out of their comfort zone. Working my way up from the bottom I have seen it too many times that upper management where I have worked felt it was beneath them to listen (seriously) to others that were not at their management level. Some of this will come from the pressures at the corporate level but not all. This only hurts a company and unmotivates those of us that have to work around these people.

Anna Catalano

Thanks for the comments, guys! I spent quite a few years working around people who got too comfortable. I also had the pleasure of working with great people who always pushed themselves. It does make a huge difference in terms of motivating the rest of the gang! :)


I also had the pleasure of working with great people who always pushed themselves. Thank you!

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