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Monday, November 15, 2010


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Betsy Leibson

Way to go Anna! It's funny how each of us views things differently. I like the idea of a blog, but am not confident that I would execute well over time. However, I am writing a book that is almost ready to be sent to a long list of agents! While the process was sometimes painful, it is a defined event, which to me is comforting.

Anna Catalano

Thanks for the comment, Betsy! You're vs. book brings different sets of pros and cons! But when your book is published, let me know, and I will push it with my blog! :)

Sharron Spence

Way to go Anna. You're a real leader if there ever was one and I'm sure I'll enjoy reading your blog.

Anthony Stella

Best Wishes on your blog Anna – I liked your comment; “leadership is bestowed upon you by those who find you inspiring” - I’m sure that this statement will become the foundation of many interesting thoughts and concepts regarding what makes an effective and inspiring leader. I can’t wait to read your next blog and to share your site with my colleagues who inspire me

Diana Austin

What an awesome and inspiring idea! I look forward to reading and sharing thoughts, experiences and ideas through your blog!

Don Johnson

You can do it Anna, your a leader.

Pat Wright

Excellent idea. I will be reading with interest.

Anna Catalano

Thanks, all! I hope to get a post out weekly...and I'm so grateful to have a few people planning to "follow" as well!

Robb Eadie

Well done Anna ... looking forward to the insights which I will shamelessly steal and use for my personal gain ... I'll give you the credit though, promise :0)

Seriously ... will be watching with interest ..... and chipping in if I can.

Robb (sometimes a leader other times a follower)

Jeff Lipschuetz

Look forward to reading your blog and learning new ways I can become more of a leader. Being a a father for many years I have told my kids that I know "almost" everything because there is only one someone who knows everything and I am not on their level. Now I can say that I am learning from someone else who knows "almost" everything. lol

Dr. Dennis M. Kripp

Congratulations on the launch of your blog. I plan to check in frequently. I have been teaching leadership and strategy at the MBA and Doctoral level for almost ten years now. There is a great need for continuous learning about this topic. I am a faculty member at Aurora University and we just recently lauched a servant leadership initiative. There seems to be high student and community interest. I will let you know how it unfolds.

Jack Loftis

Off to a nice start, Anna. I must say that as I began reading this, I thought to myself that leadership is setting an example for others by your own actions. You refined this concept with the observation that "leadership isn't something you achieve. It's something that's bestowed upon you by those who find you inspiring." Dead on.

Kent Carson

Congratulation on taking a bold step in sharing your thoughts for all to see and judge. As you stated it is about the learning. I am excited to see and learn more. Thanks for your insights.

Anna Catalano

Thanks for the comments, everyone! Be sure to click on "follow" on my blog so that you're notified when I've posted something new. I'll use facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to "push", but if you're not on often, you might not see it.

Also, feel free to suggest areas of leadership you'd like to talk about. Let's keep this a conversation! :)

Iram Shah

It's about time! I was waiting for you to take this next step.
It is a great idea and you can do are a leader and have inspired many to follow and learn. Thought provoking ideas on an ongoing topics are a lot more useful than reading thick academic books on leadership. I will be frequently, reading and sharing through your blog! Go for it!! Iram Shah

Anna Catalano

Thanks for the follow and for sharing, Iram! I hope to learn from everyone's comments as well! Stay in touch, and let me know if there are any particular topics you'd like to talk about!

Tim Thompson

Anna -
I am looking forward to your Blog. You have been a strong mentor and leader and I think your 'common sense' approach will be a positive breath of fresh air.

Good luck!

Marilyn Carlstedt


I think it's easier to write a book than blog! I have confidence you can do either. As for leadership, I agree with Nixon: the times call a man to power. People lead because they want to or they have to. People follow because they want to or they have to. Achieving the perfect balance between the two is not easy!
I look forward to following your thoughts....

Bill Robertson

Congratulations,Anna,it's a worthy topic. From one who has over 1,100 blog entries over the past three years, just be patient. Every time I try to shut my blog down, readership picks up and I'm encouraged to keep going. I will have a million hits this year and 250,000 pages read. It keeps your mind alert.

Coach Factory Store

Knowing your contribution, how you add value, how you make a difference - THAT can make you happy at work.


You refined this concept with the observation that "leadership isn't something you achieve.

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