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Thursday, January 20, 2011


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stacie berdan

I agree, Anna, and enjoyed reading how you linked "big business leaders" with the rest of daily business we encounter every day. One of the important areas for leadership for our children is in the schools. be it the superintendent spending time in the classrooms, as you note, or teachers not only teaching, but leading by example. It makes a difference.

Anna Catalano

Thanks for the comment, Stacie! I find that the rules of good leadership apply in all walks of life, which is why I launched this blog. We can learn as much from watching an outstanding grade school teacher as we can following a corporate executive! Sometimes even more....:)



I enjoyed reading your comments on "Hands-on leadership" In fact just last night I mentioned to Amy that I rolled up my shirt sleeves yesterday and worked with my team out in our warehouse. Throughout my career I have always loved “getting my hands dirty” and sometimes even my tie. You have noted the obvious benefits but what I like best is that I get to know them better and develop respect for them too.

See you next week

Anna Catalano

I knew you'd agree, Anthony! Business is about relationships, and people look for leaders who are sincere. Thanks for the comment!

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