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Friday, November 11, 2011


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Karen Chrzanowski

Anna - I couldn't agree with you more. In this situation, multiple lines of authority failed to do the right thing, and its almost beyond comprehension. I say almost... we've all had situations where there was a lot at stake. Where 'doing the right thing' was not the path of least resistence. But in the end, the 'gift of conscience' hopefully wins.

Anna Catalano

Thanks for the comment, Karen! Glad you agree. You're right...it's often not the easiest choice to make, but in the end, the right thing to do is always the right thing to do!!


I love reading and elirnang how to be a better leader. It's something that really intrigues me right now in a time when I want to take my business to the next level and to help elevate other people at the same time.I read Tribes by Seth Godin and that's a really motivating book. It really made me want to step into a leadership position which I am working to do right now.Thanks for the great post Linda!-Kyle QuinlanKyle Quinlan recently posted..


There seem to a few things to cover here Firstly, there is a whole coretnsavion to be had about who is a leader and the fact that everyone needs to be a leader from time to time but unless this is a group with which I have worked on a number of sessions in the past, this is probably not the time to to deal with this. Instead, I would be more pragmatic and try to give short quick reasons why it is still important to talk about the leadership competencies.The most straightforward one for me is to explain that focusing on leadership competencies during the action learning session helps us to be be more effective as a group. By choosing to work on specific aspects of our behaviour during the discussion, we will improve our own individual performance which will have the net effect of helping us to work more effectively as a group. I would also stress that because we will all be listening for examples of how other group members are performing against their leadership competencies, it will improve our listening skills and help us to be more constructive and supportive of one another.If it feels like the term leadership competency' is too loaded then I think you could re-position the term as being an interpersonal work competency'. Later on at the end of the session (or when the group next meets and after having had a chat with the sponsor) you could highlight the competencies and use the opportunity to ask questions that help the group understand how those competencies link to leadership and how leadership links to their role.

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