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Monday, February 13, 2012


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Mary K. Doyle

You make an interesting point, Anna, one I had not considered. As parents and mentors we do everything we can to assist others on their road to success but do not teach how to be successful. Success comes with its own drawbacks and challenges that most of us are ill-prepared to handle. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Jordan Spizikes Shoes

Success comes with its own drawbacks and challenges that most of us are ill-prepared to handle.

Anna Catalano

Jordan, thanks for commenting!


I agree! Chasing after worldly sscceus does leave you stressed out and full of discontent. You do beam with joy from the smallest act of joy to the greatest. thats the beauty of making a difference for others....it doesn't matter "what" you do, it simply matters THAT you do. YOU, my friend are highly sscceusful!! keep growing! keep doing for others and spreading joy and you'll continue to be flooded with great joy! thank you for commenting! {{HUGS}} @spreadingJOY

Anna Catalano

Thanks for commenting, very happy person!! :) Please continue to follow my blog and provide comments whenever you feel the urge!


The discover of the Why is rllaey the thing. We all live our lifes going and going and not stopping to sit and think WHY!!And my question is, why is happening this way? Are the education systems teaching children how to do so? or are they only teaching to pass this yearb4s exams?If we, as adults, have to learn now how to find our WHY, do we want young people to spend such long and precious time to find out? or would it be better to teach them before adult time?Lack of motivation and emotional education is what is happening. Letb4s try to improve it!!


In the business world, not arhtous, professors or entertainers.Carly Fiorina was a complete failure when she ran HP. She was fired.Besides how could she be labeled as a feminist when she was on McCains economic advisory team in 2008.Holly, I did look before posting this question and did see the same web page. Since it was paid advertisment, I left it out.

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