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Sunday, April 01, 2012


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I used to hate high performing teams at school, there was always one or two opinionated smart a$ses who want to be the "leader", maybe that's why I took up fencing and boxing as sports ...... :)

Great aricle Anna ... not one I agree with ... my alternative view is that the difference between high performing teams and dysfunctional ones is what Kunc calles "Relentless Positive Regard". The sort of regard a father/mother has for his/her child. The sort of regard you have for your best friend ...... that coupled with a deep sense of belonging. You can never have too much belonging IMHO. Sadly it's not a common feature in the corporate world :(



I met with the hope embassador team today and it was aanmizg. It is like we are carrying this secret and it needs to be released. Great minds, powerful people, Big Hearts and Love for our Region and cities we call home. I started a mentorship process about 4 months ago with a young business person. The words that were placed as sounding board to our conversations and meeting were add value , which came up in the discussion today. Another was mentorship, and mentoring young people, but I also say lets mentor or leaders already put in position for immediate change. Remind them of how valuable they are as a person, to their role as a leader and reignite that fire in their belly again. Stip away the old and fill up new with unconditional love and add value. Derek and Wanda Dutka are perfect examples of people who do what I call Life on Life , they value you and pour into you. Life on Life is what counts and people will change and respond to this. It changed me. To be a leader you must first serve, serving is not a job it is an honor. We have a great Region, lets honor people and honor our region, by launching a life on life campaign to change lives.Lisa Mac Farlane

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