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Friday, June 19, 2015


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Very interesting perspective and good questions for all to ponder. I must say that the people of Charleston are trying to take a step in the direction you suggest. I just spent 3 days in that city and there was no sense of tension, anger or hatred. Sadness, shock, questions of 'why' - yes. But what you saw everywhere was a community brought together in support of the people impacted by the sensless act. PEOPLE - not blacks, whites, hispanics, asians, or any other group - people of all races and backgrounds joined together in mny places and events to be unified in support of community, love, and hope. I was truly impressed - and frankly, a little surprised. Some folks wishing to stir up trouble and continue the 'hate speech' and divisiveness tried to take advantage of the situation. But church and community leaders - both black and white, as well as the citizens of the city made it clear they were not welcome and would jot be tolerated. Good on them! The media, unfortunately, was very disappointed they could not cover such trouble. But the people of Charleston are taking the right steps to begin the process you call for. We need to see more responses like this and just maybe we will begin to see less incidents like happened last week.

Anna Catalano

Jeff, so good to hear this. I always hold out hope that out of tragedy like this some real change might happen. Not the political rhetoric, not everyone's agendas playing out. But some true reflection on what the cause is. Too bad the media is left without a story that can stir more things up...frankly, I'm tired of what the media runs with these days on both sides of the aisle. Power to the people of Charleston...my prayers will continue for true renewal and rennaisance for our country.

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