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Saturday, June 25, 2016


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Rob Wilkes

I couldn't agree more. Very few people in the UK have the educational background and experience (not to mentioned that time) to think through such a complex issue. So instead many voters were influenced by scare-stories about terrorist hiding amongst asylum seekers and the belief that a LEAVE vote would somehow remove the chance of bad guys infiltrating the country.

Anna catalano

Thanks for the comment, Rob. Glad someone else sees it my way. Unfortunately, on both sides of the pond these days (I'm in the US), people are too easily swayed by politicians with their own agendas who have mastered the art of appealing to the emotions of people who are unhappy. As is evident in the days following the Brexit decision, it seems many are admitting they didn't know the full story, and politicians are now backtracking on quite a few of the arguments they made. Interesting times...

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