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Sunday, June 11, 2017


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Karen Chrzanowski

Wow Anna. This is so good. This has really resonated with me at this particular phase of my life. Well done.

anna catalano

Thanks, Karen. Glad you found it helpful!

Gretchen Sawchuk

I love this, and totally agree. You can't move forward to something new, until you accept and understand where you are no and what is true now.

anna catalano

Thanks for the comment, Gretchen. I'm glad you share my thoughts on this.

Stephanie Howard

Thank you Anna. Your message is EXACTLY what I needed today as I am "going into the pain" and ready to fight to make my nonprofit successful, although I have many moments where I want to take flight. Thank you for your words!

anna catalano

Glad for the timely post, Stephanie! Best of luck on your nonprofit!

Laura Benedict

So moving, Anna. Even when we go into the pain, we don't know how it will transform us--or if it will at all. How wonderful that you've learned to answer that call, and found yourself transformed again and again.

Patricia Hilbish

Really well written, Anna. Our 'go-to' people are such an important balance in our lives. It's important to keep an open mind here too; these people of wisdom and perspective can come from the most unexpected and extraordinary places. You never know where you'll find the 'wind beneath your wings'. <3

Keith Evans

Thanks for sharing Anna. I especially like the reminder to get input from our inner circle for the bigger decisions.

anna catalano

Thanks, friends. Forcing ourselves to go through discomfort is often the push we need to grow, or at least learn more about ourselves.

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