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Thursday, March 07, 2019


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Terry Mattison

Outstanding event!

Sharolyn Headroe

Excellent presentation Anna and very well received by our attendees.

Colleen Stevenson

Anna, thank you for your talk at WiE. I was in Mississauga Ontario where we had a very good turnout. Thank you for joining HFC Board and look forward to your Leadership of this company.

Sue Asuncion

Thank you so much for speaking at this event! It was a great presentation overall by the WiE group, and I really appreciated the openness and personal stories shared by all the speakers. Their willingness to be vulnerable and share personal stories really made an impact on me, and I hope on others who participated in the event.

Cara Whitesel

Great event. Look forward to more to come.

Suann Partlin

Loved this type of communication within our company. Being a woman of "60"ish I have seen a lot of so call change for women in upper management. Even though I was in upper management in the 90's thru 2000's it was a struggle to be not only heard but taken seriously.
I really enjoyed Anna's presentation.
I look forward to many more years at HollyFrontier and look forward to seeing my grandchildren thrive in the future of diversity.

Anna Catalano

Thanks so much...I really enjoyed participating in the event. Thanks to all who organized and attended!

Regina Navarro

Great event! Your message was powerful and uplifting. Thank you for being an incredible role model for women. Your leadership and accomplishments are an inspiration to us.

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